Food Industry

Our group with 30 years of experience is one of the strongest importing companies & the first distributer of raw material like Citric acid, Beta Carotene, Sodium bicarbonate, Ascorbic Acid, sorbitol, Coconut powder, Caffeine, Aspartame, Tea, Vanillin, CMC, etc. for food & confectionary in Iranian market, as well as finished products such as Chocolates, Sauces, Cereal Bars, Jams, Biscuits, Olives, Olive oils and many other items.

We help you 

- Find partners for your products and services and possible joint ventures.

 - Source products and services for your business abroad

 - Identify investment opportunities

- With respect to Middle East markets we have special expertise, and knowledge to facilitate access to EU funds.

- Other custom made services

Renewable Energy

We believe that we should provide a clean environment and do our best to keep our planet green for the future generations. We started our activities in 2008 in the field of renewable energy. Alimex Helvétie's greatest achievement is to insure the best service for our clients and keeping up with the latest technology to provide for all our users. Since then we collaborate with several well known Swiss companies active in this field.